Recommended Apple IPAD apps for Pilots

Below you can find a selection of Apple IPAD apps that are recommended for all pilots and in particularly, helicopter pilots.  The current aviation world is quickly moving into a paperless cockpit and this can be evident by the amount of apps that are being developed.  The problem arises when we have to choose.  This means finding the right balance between quality and price.  The Apple IPAD apps listed here have been tried and tested and tested by ourselves and we are convinced that they are currently the top of the range.

Air Nav Pro ($49.99)

For the helicopter pilot it is essential to have a simple navigation system which gives the pilot all the required information at a glance.  Air Nav Pro does exactly this, making it the ideal tool for VFR operations primarily because maps are very accurate and up to date.  Maps are downloaded beforehand, thus a 3G network is not required for navigation.  3G will be useful in order to make use of the weather briefing section which is also quite a nice feature.  Different settings enable the pilot to display his/her favored information such as ETA,EET,GS etc..  Another useful feature is the route way-point drag and drop function.  This enables the pilot to make quick inflight changes to the route.  For those who love gadgets, this system also incorporates 3D navigation by making use of a basic PFD, something like the Garmin 1000 synthetic vision.

This app makes the top of our list, surpassing many other popular navigation app such as Garmin Pilot because of its value for money.  Where other navigation apps charge a annual or monthly subscription, Air Nav Procan be downloaded from the app store for a one time fee of $49.99 with additional one time fees for maps which are priced differently, with some also free.

** Air Nav pro is also available on Android for a much cheaper price of €12 but the price reflects its reliability.  At the moment the android version consists of many bugs and as such we di not recommend it unless you will be willing to wait for a fix.


Logten Pro X

Keeping track of your flight hours can be quite challenging sometimes, especially whilst working in a busy operational environment.  Thus in this digital age I would expect pilots to start using electronic logbooks.  The problem is finding a good one.

After thorough searching we have found that Logten Pro X is probably the best you could find.  Logten Pro is currently being used by thousands of pilots and airlines around the world.  The designers of Logten Pro have made sure everything is tailor made for a pilot (i.e. not to much admin work).  The interface enables a pilot to choose a favorable setting  and design to suit their type of operation thereafter making it easier and quicker to enter your data.

Prices vary depending on the intended purpose.  Currently Logten Pro X is being offered free to student pilots also.


iAIP ($4.99)

A handy tool for pilots flying to major cities around Europe.  This app enables you to bring up AIP’s for major airports around EUROPE.  The app design makes it easy to browse through AIP’s and get the required information very efficiently.

The app is reasonably priced but the only drawback is that until now the only supported countries are Belgium/Luxembourg,France,Hungary,Italy,Netherlands,Norway,Portugal,Slovenia,Spain (no aerodrome charts) and the UK.  The developers of iAIP have also stated that more AIP’s will be added at no extra cost.


AeroPlus FlightPlan (Free to download)

I have been searching for quite some time to find a simple app that will just be able to file an ICAO flightplan for me and Aeroplus does exactly this.  This neat app will let you fill in an ICAO flight plan and then submit it to the relevant authorities.  Moreover it also has a nice feature that will enable to save your flight plans as a template for future use.

Although the AeroPlus is free to download through the app store, each submission comes at the cost of one credit.  Credits are purchasable through the app and are very reasonably priced.  For example 10 credits cost $4.99.

For me this app has been very useful when I was flying corporate.