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  • Bell 205 Crash Landing leaves 2 injured

    A Bell 205 helicopter operated by Guardian Helicopters has crash landed north of Springbank Airport at around 11am on Wednesday 4th February. At the time an instructor and a student where undergoing training and at a certain point it is said that “the helicopter had been at a certain altitude when it descended very, very […]

  • Indian HAL-Druv helicopters are on ‘restricted’ operations only

    Ecuador has suffered from various accidents from HAL-Druv Indian made helicopters. Such accidents prompted actions on the remaining helicopters to be operated only on restricted operations. Checks are currently being done on the remaining fleet. The Ecuadorian Air Force has acquired helicopters from HAL for about $45million in the year of 2009. Until now, two […]

  • Helicopter searching for dirty-bombs

    One may have seen this Bell 412 helicopter flying around, especially from January 22nd onwards. It has been preparing for the upcoming SuperBowl. What this helicopter does is that it records radiation levels in the area providing real-time readings of low level air and ground contamination. The helicopter is operated by NNSA which responds to […]

  • DHL commences Helicopter operations from Heathrow Airport

    Courier company DHL has started helicopter delivery service from Heathrow Airport to Canary Wharf in an attempt to reduce transatlantic delivery times. Previously the journey to the East London banking district took two hours by road and now this will take only 20 mins via a daily scheduled helicopter service.  By doing this DHL will […]

  • SAR helicopter contract for Falklands

    The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded a ten year contract to AAR, a US-based defence contractor, to provide Search and Rescue and other supporting roles in the Islands of Falklands. Candidates for this contract were amongst others Avincis, CGC Scotia, Cobham and one of the favorites; Bristow Helicopters. The UK will see the latter […]

  • Filmed R44 Crash

    This Robinson R44 crashed on the 4th of July 2013 but the video has only been released recently.   Four occupants were on board the helicopter when it crashed in the small city of Corumba de Goias in Brazil and nobody was injured. Following the below video, what do you think contributed to the crash?  Appreciate […]

  • Royal Thai Army planning to buy more UH-72A Helicopters

    By the beginning of next year, the Royal Thai Army will try to begin replacing its Vietnam-era helicopters such as the Bell 212 and UH-1 Huey, with new, advanced and modern helicopters. Their aim is to get additional UH-72A Lakota light utility helicopters. Most of the army budget will be spent on these new helicopters […]

  • Oil company Rosneft to acquire 160 AW189 Helicopters

    Following an agreement signed on the 29th Dec 2015, Agusta Westland through HeliVert will be required to assemble and deliver 160 Agusta Westland 189 helicopters to Russian Oil Company Rosneft. HeliVert who until now have been assembling AW139’s since 2012, is a joint venture between Agusta Westland and Russian Helicopters.  This contract will require HeliVert […]

  • China Z10 attack helicopters for Pakistan

    Recent reports suggest that Pakistan is about to purchase 3 CAIC Z10 attack helicopters from its closest partner China. The Z10 helicopters would be used by the Pakistan Army and their primary role would be to eliminate terrorism organisations set-up in Pakistan. The CAIC Z10 advanced equipment will enable the crew to target the enemy […]

  • Ethiopian pilots defect to Eritrea

    By the end of this year, some 10 pilots from the Ethiopian Air Force have defected to Eritrea with their respective aircraft. In October, four captains flying SU-25 Fighter Jets defected and joined the opposition groups that are stationed in Eritrea. Recently, two air force pilots defected with their MI-35 helicopter gunships. The incident happened […]